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We created a line stamp “Colorful-kun’s Line Collection” that covers lines that can be used in daily conversation.


Cute and Fun! Easy real-time strategy game iPhone app: Castles and Dragons

iPhone application for growing and observing various “Oyaji”: Oyaji Observation Kit

今日がどんな日か教えてくれる「今日は何の日? - This Day」

iPhone app that tells you what day it is today: Birthday Calendar – ThisDay


The Elements: An iPhone app to study the symbols of the elements with easy-to-understand images.


iPhone app that still cultivates reluctant nameko mushrooms: Touch Detective Nameko Grown Kit Seasons: Four Seasons


Split a lot of watermelons within a time limit: Watermelon Split iPhone app

An iPhone application that allows parents and children to enjoy playing various musical instruments to the accompaniment of songs: Oyako de Rhythm Ehon (Rhythm Picture Book in Oyako)


iPhone app for picking gold dust out of the sand to win big money: Sunaganatori (Gold dust)

まだまだなめこを栽培するデラックスなiPhoneアプリ:おさわり探偵 なめこ栽培キットDeluxe

Yet another deluxe iPhone app for growing nameko mushrooms: Touch Detective Nameko Cultivation Kit Deluxe

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