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Be careful with your AirDrop receiving settings to avoid “AirDrop molestation”.


Solid color wallpaper (white, black, yellow, pink) for easy identification of missing dots on the display

JGLASS iPhone6 強化ガラス 液晶保護フィルム 9H級 0.26mm

I tried JGLASS iPhone6 tempered glass LCD protection film 9H grade 0.26mm

iPhone 6 を配送修理に出してみた。

I sent my iPhone 6 in for delivery repair.


In a season when iPhones are likely to slip and fall off with gloves and other devices, I put a genuine Apple silicone case on my iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 用壁紙 棚 白

Shelf-like wallpaper for iPhone 6 home screen (750x1334px)


I haven’t received the iPhone 6 application information email yet, but I was able to apply for the iPhone 6.


DOCOMO offers “Welcome Back Bonus”, a discount of 10,800 yen for U-turn transfers from other carriers.

docomo「iPhone 下取りプログラム」

DOCOMO offers “iPhone Trade-in Program” to exchange used iPhones for docomo points worth up to 40,000 yen.


au to offer trade-in program that allows customers to exchange their current au smartphone/mobile phone/tablet for up to 27,000 yen worth of WALLET points.