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Be careful with your AirDrop receiving settings to avoid “AirDrop molestation”.


iPhone 7 to iPhone X with IIJmio


I tried Anker GlassGuard iPhone 7 4.7″ Tempered Glass LCD Protective Film A7471001.


ILUXUS® iPhone 7 Glass Film LCD protection film for 4.7″ tempered glass [3D Touch compatible / Hardness 9H / Anti-bubble


I have been using Suica more and more since I started using my iPhone 7, so I decided to sign up for the Suica Point Club.

iPhone 7 シリコーンケース(シーブルー)

In preparation for the season when my hands slip on gloves, I put a genuine Apple silicone case (sea blue) on my iPhone 7.


Modified from iPhone 6s to iPhone 7 with IIJmio

iPhone 7 ついに登場!

Pre-order iPhone 7 Silver 128GB SIM-free from Apple Store online!