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How to delete characters to the right of the cursor with the “delete” key on the Mac


If you cannot find the character you want to type on the Mac keyboard, you may want to hold down “shift”, “option”, or “shift+option” while typing.

WindowsでもMacBook Proと同じような感覚でタイピングしたいので『サンワサプライ USBスリムキーボード ホワイト SKB-SL18W』を試してみた。

I tried “Sanwa Supply USB Slim Keyboard White SKB-SL18W” because I want to type on Windows with the same feeling as MacBook Pro.

iOS 8 で日付や時刻を簡単入力。2桁。

How to input date and time in iPhone super easily


How to easily type parentheses ” ” on iPhone 6 (iOS 8).


How to solve “I can’t use my iPhone’s user dictionary!”


iPhone application for creating original and elaborate emoticons: FaceMaker – emoticon creator


iOS5 makes it easy to continuously input the first character of each key when flicking!


How to register original emoticons in the dictionary on iPhone (iOS)