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You can enjoy the full version of the cute theme song PV of “The Castle and the Dragon” in its entirety!


We created a line stamp “Colorful-kun’s Line Collection” that covers lines that can be used in daily conversation.


Cute and Fun! Easy real-time strategy game iPhone app: Castles and Dragons

itomaki AC Adapter, a stylish AC adapter for iPhone 5s/5c/5 that neatly and cleanly wraps around the cable


Girly and cute iPhone 5 home screen wallpaper


Wa Kingyo – Wa Kingyo – is an iPhone application that allows you to relax and enjoy watching elegant goldfish in Japanese style.

A game iPhone app that slides soap in the bathroom and stops it at a good stop position: A game in the bath


iPhone app that still cultivates reluctant nameko mushrooms: Touch Detective Nameko Grown Kit Seasons: Four Seasons


An iPhone application to enjoy “Aqua Beads Art”: arranging beads to make accessories.


iPhone app to practice writing letters while playing: Mozilla Route

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