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I reserved the EOS R6.

Canon’s latest full-size mirrorless SLR, the EOS R6, is now available for pre-order.


Pre-order iPhone 6s 128GB Silver at SoftBank Online Shop!

iPhone 6s / 6s Plus 予約受付開始は12日16時1分!

iPhone 6s / 6s Plus pre-orders begin at 4:01 p.m. on the 12th (4:01 p.m.) for all carriers.


I haven’t received the iPhone 6 application information email yet, but I was able to apply for the iPhone 6.


[iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus] Handset Prices by Carrier


I reserved iPhone 6 at Softbank online store.

iPhone 6 / 6Plus いよいよ予約開始

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available for pre-order.

What to do when you have reserved an iPhone 5s at SoftBank online store but have not received a reservation receipt confirmation e-mail.