Why I stopped buying iPhones from iPhone 11 after buying them every year.

Hey everyone!
I’m going to talk about why I stopped buying iPhone 11 after buying iPhone every year.

I like Apple.
I like Apple products.

My first iPhone was the iPhone 3GS.
Since then, I have been buying iPhone every year.
Until the iPhone XS.

But I never bought iPhone 11.
I never bought iPhone 12 or iPhone 13.

It’s not that I’m not buying anymore.

The iPhone 14 should be announced soon, and I may buy it.
But I may not buy it.

I will buy either the iPhone 14 or the iPhone 15.
I’ve been using iPhone XS for 4 years now.

Yes, it’s not that I don’t like iPhone anymore, and it’s not that I don’t want to buy iPhone anymore.
I’m not going to switch to Android.

Why I stopped buying iPhone.

Let me write about the reasons why I stopped buying iPhones.
Here are the four reasons.

  • Not enough attractive updates to buy a new one every year.
  • I’m not satisfied with the iPhoneXS.
  • Less cost-effective to replace.
  • More money to spend on other things.

Let me elaborate a bit on these reasons.

Not enough attractive updates to buy a new one every year.

When I bought the iPhone XS, I got a bit of a shock.
It wasn’t a pleasant shock, but more of a disappointing shock.

I was like, “What? I bought the wrong iPhone X? I bought an iPhone X by mistake.

Of course, that had happened before.

iPhone 4 → 4S/, 5/5S, 6 → 6S → 7 were not that different.
X → XS isn’t the first time a newly released iPhone ended up with subtle minor changes.

But when I bought the XS, I was very much shocked by the disappointment that I had never felt before.
I’m just talking about “in my opinion”.

At that time, I thought “I don’t need to buy an iPhone every year anymore”.

Then, when the iPhone 11 was announced, there was no update that made me think, “I have to buy this! I didn’t see any updates that made me think, “I’m going to buy this!
Basically, it was an update with a new processor and enhanced camera functions.

The same was true for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.
There was no update that made me want to buy one.
However, the iPhone 12 had a flat side, so I thought, “I might buy it. But I didn’t end up buying it.

In the first place, smartphones, including the iPhone, have already been perfected in terms of hardware.
So, it is inevitable that there are no new updates.

The processing speed and camera performance have reached a level that is already sufficient for my needs, and I don’t feel the need for updates.
For me, especially with the camera, if I want to take high quality pictures, I can just use a mirrorless SLR camera, and with the iPhone, I just need to be able to take decent pictures.

I started spending money on other things.

Until then, it was no longer like buying an iPhone was an end in itself.
It was like a once-a-year festival.
So even though I knew it was a subtle minor change, I still bought one every year.

But I guess my enthusiasm has cooled off a bit.
My interest has shifted to other things.

And that was photography.
I had been taking pictures before, but I became more interested in it and wanted to spend more money on cameras, lenses, and equipment.

Cameras usually cost between 300,000 and 400,000 yen each.
Lenses also cost 150,000-200,000 yen, and high-performance lenses can cost 300,000-400,000 yen.
Once a camera is purchased, it is not necessary to replace it, but until a complete lineup is assembled, it is quite an expense.

It is necessary to use different cameras and lenses depending on the subject you want to photograph, the situation, and the requirements of the client you are working for, so you have to be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money to have enough equipment.

I have no complaints about the iPhone XS

I’m currently using an iPhone XS that was released over 4 years ago, and I have no complaints about the features and performance of the iPhone XS.

The battery’s continuous use time has not been overtly shortened, nor has any part of the display been malfunctioning.
It doesn’t suddenly freeze or shut down, and it doesn’t feel like it can’t keep up with the processing speed when playing games.
I don’t have a single inconvenience in my daily life.

So, unless they show me some new benefit that I didn’t expect, I don’t think I would want to replace it.
Unless, as before, “replacing it is an end in itself.

I think this means that the iPhone XS is a good device that is pretty much complete.
If I wanted, I could replace the battery and continue to use it.
Maybe I will actually do so.

However, I would like to have the ability to unlock the device with Face ID even when wearing a mask.
This can’t be handled by just upgrading the OS, it requires iPhone 12 or later.

I have weak bronchial tubes, and I used to wear a mask quite often before Corona, so I think it would be convenient to have this feature.
However, I don’t feel it’s inconvenient enough to buy a new iPhone because of it, even though I unlock it with a passcode every time I use it now.

The only thing I dislike about the recent iPhones.

Actually, one of the reasons I don’t want to replace my iPhone is that “There is only one thing I dislike about the recent iPhones“.

What is that? “There are too many lenses on the back of the camera & they stick out.
I really don’t like this anymore.

The protrusion of the iPhone rear camera lens is getting bigger every year.

The iPhone X and iPhone XS also have a protrusion, which I don’t like, but it’s gotten even worse since the iPhone 11.
The Pro models in particular are just too much to look at anymore.
If they can’t improve the camera performance that much, I don’t even think they should improve the camera performance at all.

There was a time when some leaked information said that the lens of the rear camera of the iPhone 14 will be flat instead of protruding.
I was really happy to hear that.
I thought, “If that’s the case, I’ll buy it! I thought, “If that’s the case, I’ll buy it!
But recently, I heard that “the lens of the rear camera will still protrude. And it sticks out even more than before.” I was really disappointed.
Well, I knew that this would be the case as long as the camera performance was improved.

I think this is technically quite difficult.
In fact, it is a matter of course that the higher the performance of a single-lens reflex camera’s interchangeable lenses, the larger and heavier they become.

In such a situation, manufacturers are putting their efforts into the development of smaller and lighter lenses.
I sincerely hope that the fruits of such efforts will one day be brought to the iPhone.

The iPhone XS will still be in use!

To be honest, I would love to buy a new iPhone.
After all, I’m happy and excited when I get a new gadget.

But I don’t want to experience the disappointment I felt when I bought the iPhone XS.

I don’t know if they will release an iPhone that makes me say, “I want this! or “I’ve had enough of the iPhone XS,” I’ll continue to use the iPhone XS.
I just hope that the iPhone 14 is the iPhone that makes me want to do that.

Well, I wrote about why I stopped buying iPhone 11 after buying iPhone every year.
What did you think?
I hope you guys find it useful!

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