iPhone app to find out “What’s this font?” iPhone app: WhatTheFont

Hi everyone!
I’d like to introduce you to WhatTheFont, an app that allows you to extract fonts from printed materials and images and look up font names!

For example, you may be thinking about what font to use for a page title or a headline, and you get an inspiration from a magazine and think, “Oh yeah, something like that! or you are walking around town and suddenly think, “Oh, I think I can use this font for that project. What font is that? I’m sure we’ve all had that experience.

WhatTheFont” is useful in such cases.
With this app, you can take a picture of a font with your iPhone and look up the name of the font.
You can look it up by taking a picture of it, or by selecting it from a folder of pictures.

Let’s try it!

Take a picture of the font you want to look up

This time, since it is “for example”, we will use the font displayed on Illustrator. We’ll use the font displayed in Illustrator.
I’ll type “WhatTheFont”. The font is one of my favorite fonts, Futura.

Let's take a picture of the font with [WhatTheFont]. Let's do it.

Once WhatTheFont is up and running, we’ll take a picture with the “Take a picture with your camera!”

Select the area to examine.

Select the part of the font you want to examine.

Select the part of the photo that you want to examine.

Disassemble and the search begins.

Disassemble and search.

Decide on a selection and tap “Next” to start the search broken down one letter at a time. Smart!


Search results announced~!

Search results announced! We are happy to announce that we got the result “Futura”! The font we used this time was “Futura Bk BT” to be exact, but “Futura” is right! Other similar fonts like “Geometric 706 Medium” and “Golden Days Strays” were also displayed as candidates.

Search results can be emailed.

Search results can be sent by email.

Tried other fonts.

I tried other fonts.
I tried major fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Myriad, Times, and Lucida.






Result. Only “Arial” managed to find the correct answer.
Unfortunately, “Helvetica”, “Myriad”, and “Times” only offered me other similar fonts.

When it came to “Lucida”, it did not read the font correctly.
That’s not surprising. Looking at the help page, I found that the

  • Roman letters (less than 20 characters) that are easy to read are good.
  • Fonts should be taken horizontally, not at an angle.
  • It is not possible to distinguish beaded letters.
  • Background should be light.

This is what it says. I see.

It only supports European fonts for now, and the accuracy is not that high, but I think it will be useful to find a font that is somewhat close to your image.
I hope you guys give it a try!

WhatTheFont – MyFonts Inc.
Price : Free
Sold By : Bitstream Inc. dba MyFonts
Developer : MyFonts

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